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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are often used to maintain the slope of a sloped roof. Retaining walls can also be called “non-bearing” or “stabilizing” because they do not bear any structural load, but instead serve as architectural support for other structures such as buildings and bridges. They have many applications in construction including retaining soil, retaining water such as reservoirs or dams.

Retaining walls are sometimes designed to retain earth and they can also be used on slopes with poor drainage of rainwater. They may be designated according to the type of material- whether it is made from brick, concrete block, stone masonry, or other materials such as wood. Retaining wall construction can be categorized according to whether the wall is free-standing or it has a foundation. Retaining walls can also come in various heights, lengths, and widths depending on their application.

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A retaining wall may have horizontal reinforcement of wood planks, steel rods, or mesh cables for stability against soil pressure from behind and lateral forces along its face due to the earth behind the wall.

Retaining walls may be designed to hold back water or other fluids such as sewage from a ditch, riverbed, tank, etc… Retaining walls can also serve as stabilizing elements for slopes with poor drainage of rainwater and they are often used in conjunction with dikes and dams that form reservoirs.

Advantages of Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls provide a natural landscape design element. Retaining walls support the earth’s surface and help control erosion. Retaining walls also prevent soil from being washed downstream in times of heavy rain. This is particularly important for areas with low levels of rainfall or where rivers are close to residential homes, as it prevents flooding during rain events. Retaining walls can be designed to support trees and vines, provide privacy or create a variety of other effects.

Retaining Walls are the perfect addition to any backyard landscaping project as they uniquely solve soil erosion problems by supporting the earth’s surface with strong concrete blocks that typically do not require mortar between them, reducing the need for additional labor and materials. Retaining walls also prevent soil from being washed downstream in times of heavy rain.

We at Mount Dora Pavers and Hardscapes know how important it is to protect your landscape investment. Retaining Walls are a great way to ensure you don’t have any of those pesky soil erosion issues and can provide peace of mind that your property has been properly taken care of for the long haul.

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A pavers and hardscapes professional is a specialist who can work with architects, engineers, builders to develop beautiful landscape designs. They are responsible for ensuring that concrete slabs, bricks or tiles are laid down correctly so as not to interfere with the irrigation system while looking aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Pavers & Hardscapes professionals are responsible for the design of a patio, deck or walkway.

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