A patio is an outdoor extension of your home that becomes a gathering place for family and friends. We work hard to create patios that are the perfect extension of your home with all the features you have come to expect. Our services include patio design, construction and maintenance!

Stone Patios

The professionals at Mount Dora Pavers and Hardscapes are experts in designing beautiful stone patios. The result of our hard work is an elegant patio that will turn your backyard into a luxurious living area. Patio stones come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and textures to suit almost any style preference.
Patios Mount Dora


One of the best ways to keep your outdoor concrete patio looking new is by selecting a team that can make it sturdy for years. Our patio builders put in the hard work on small details to deliver a concrete patio that is sure to exceed your expectations. When you work hard to afford a quality concrete patio, it is important that anything put in your presence is of the same quality. Mt Dora Pavers and Hardscapes has years of experience, which gives you confidence that we will provide a beautiful patio that will last.

Our team will work with you to design a patio that is perfect for your needs. We help homeowners choose the right size and shape, as well as adding patios around pools or other outdoor spaces. If your backyard does not have a patio, we can help you add one to any surface!

Why Choose Mt Dora Pavers and Hardscapes

A pavers and hardscapes professional is a specialist who can work with architects, engineers, builders to develop beautiful landscape designs. They are responsible for ensuring that concrete slabs, bricks or tiles are laid down correctly so as not to interfere with the irrigation system while looking aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Pavers & Hardscapes professionals are responsible for the design of a patio, deck or walkway.

Mt Dora Pavers and Hardscapes has the best pavers in town. Whether you are looking for a paver patio or walkway, we have the material to fulfill your needs. Our professional staff will assist you with every step of your project to assure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish including installation if needed.

Hardscaping Professionals

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Mt. Dora Pavers and Hardscapes is a family-owned company that has been in business for over [5] years. We specialize in paver, driveway, landscape walls and pergolas installation services throughout the greater Clermont area with some of our projects including prestigious homes, restaurants and commercial buildings.

We are the one-stop source for all your hardscaping needs – from design and installation to maintenance. Mt Dora Pavers handles every aspect of these projects with care, professionalism, and efficiency. Contact us today.